Best homeopathic Medicines for Sinusitis Treatment.

Sometimes the tissue surrounding our sinuses swells up or inflames with fluid or heavy mucus build up. This condition is known commonly as sinusitis. Sinuses are the hollow spaces in your skull bone. The sinusitis means inflammation of sinuses. Generally the Para-nasal sinuses are affected in sinusitis. In sinusitis there is fluid buildup inside the sinus by the allergic condition. The blockage of sinuses with fluid gives rise to germ growth causing infection. Sinusitis may be mild or chronic. It may be the effect of the virus, fungi, bacteria, or allergic reaction. A sinusitis condition can be really painful and bothering. Usually, it goes away on its own without any medical help. However, if the condition persists for more than nine days, you need to visit your doctor and take necessary medical assistance. Homeopathy Treatment for sinusitis is a highly recommended option for effective care and permanent relief from the condition.


The Causes of Sinusitis

Sinusitis is the effect of virus, fungi, bacteria, or allergic reaction. It may be caused due to some possible reasons including:

  • A common cold or flu
  • Allergic rhinitis
  • Nasal polyps
  • DNS (Deviated Nasal Septum)
  • Infections in the respiratory tract.

The Signs and Symptoms of Sinusitis

  • Nasal congestion leading to difficulty in breathing through the nose.
  • Discharge of thick, yellowish or greenish color from your nose.
  • Headache over frontal portion , face, eyes.
  • Fever mild to moderate with heavy sensation in frontal portion of head.
  • Mild to a severe cough in case of children.
  • Decreased sense of taste and smell in case of adults.
  • Pain in the teeth and upper jaw.
  • Pain in the ears.
  • A sore throat.
  • Bad breath.

Diagnosis of Sinusitis

Diagnosis of a sinusitis condition is usually done by signs and symptoms as well as certain physical tests. Normally, the physician may try visually examining your ears and nasal cavity. In case of a chronic sinusitis condition, the doctor may check your nose with an endoscope for detailed observations. A CT scan can also be recommended in case of severe or persistent sinusitis.

Homeopathy Treatment

Homeopathy Treatment for sinusitis has a good scope to cure the both acute and chronic sinusitis if it is treated constitutionally as well as clinically. The clinical way of treatment will give best results for relieving the acute symptoms like stuffed nose, headache, fever, thick nasal discharge etc. The constitutional treatment will help in chronic case to cure it completely by modifying the hypersensitivity nature of the immune system to various allergen which causes allergic reaction and result sinus inflammation.

Here are some common medicines prescribed for sinusitis given below.


For nasal congestion or Stuffy nose the common medicines are -

  • Kali Bichromium- Nasal obstruction with thick stringy nasal discharge. Pain at the root of nose.
  • Arum triphlinum- Nasal congestion in spite of thin nasal discharge. It is associates with laryngitis i.e. hoarseness of voice with pain on talking. The patient desire to pick the nose s it make him uncomfortable.
  • Heper sulph- Nasal congestion by exposure to dry cold air. Nasal congestion associates with cough which are worse at morning and evening
  • Sticta- Nasal congestion with dryness of nasal mucous membrane. The patient always want to blow the nose but no discharge.
  • Amon carb- Nasal congestion generally at night, cannot take breath comfortably at night due to blocked sensation. The patient always carry some medicines for inhaling to clear the nose.

For thick Nasal discharge

  • Kali bichromium- It is given in case of thick, stringy like nasal discharge. There is pain in frontal portion of head in some spots which the patient indicate by putting fingers tips. There is pain at the root of the nose if the nasal discharged are checked by any medication or warm application. Mostly used for PND (Post nasal drip) with thick nasal discharge
  • Hydrastis - Thick, yellowish, tenacious ropy secretion from posterior part of throat. Mostly used for PND (Post nasal drip) with thick nasal discharge. Tthe differential diagnosis of two medicines - in Kali bi there is more stringy like discharge, but in hydrastis more thick discharge. In Kali bi the pain is pointed by the finger tips of the patient, but it is not in hydrastis.
  • Pulsatilla- Pulsatilla have also thick, yellowish, greenish nasal discharge. But more suitable to greenish discharge and offensive too. The discharge is bland i.e. not burning and over all feel relief in open air.
  • Merc sol - It is also have symptom of thick nasal discharge. here in this case the nasal discharge is yellowish-green and acrid in nature i.e. burning feeling. The inner nasal mucus membrane are corroded and ulcerated due to the thick acrid discharge. Another important symptom in Merc sol is more salivation associates with all diseases.


Headache -

  • Spigelia - Spigelia is given for sinus headache when the pain is located on left-side frontal portion of head. There is also severe pain in and around the eyes. Even little eye movement aggravate the pain. The headache of spigelia starts at morning and gradually increases in intensity up to the noon and then decreases. The pain is worse in heat of sun or getting exposure to sun. There is also PND symptom associate with headache.
  • Bryonia Alba - It is also frequently prescribed for left-side frontal sinus headache. The headache is brusting type and any movement aggravate the pain, even coughing and sneezing aggravate the pain. The pain is relieved by rest.
  • Belladona- The pain is mostly located in cheeks, upper jaws. There is tenderness of cheeks portion and the teeth too may ache. Touching of the part aggravate the pain. The affected part looks congested or red and there is heat sensation. Mostly belladonna is the most suitable remedy for maxillary sinusitis.



  • Pyrogen - Pyrogen is the common used medicine for any septic fever. The characteristic symptoms of chilliness, sore bruised feeling of body, high temperature, restless feeling, high rise of pulse.
  • Belladona- High temperature with severe throbbing headache. Red congested face with high temperature. No restlessness.
  • Arsenic alb- Fever with restlessness. High temperature. Feeling of thirsty but takes one to 2 sips at a time. Anxiety and fear associates with every disease in arsenic.


Cough -

  • Sticta - There is dry, hacking cough worse in night. The cough is more at the time of taking breath in i.e. during inspiration. There is heaviness feeling at the root of nose with blocked stuffy nose.
  • Bryonia alb - There is dry cough. The cough is worse on talking, during the time of eating. Paroxysmal cough with vomiting. During coughing pain in head or chest. More thirsty feeling with absolute dryness of mouth and takes more water at the time of drinking.


Prevention of Sinusitis

  • Prevention is always better than cure. Consider these basic tips to decrease your chances of developing a sinusitis condition.
  • Try keeping your allergic conditions in control. Consult your doctor and go for regular checkups so that the allergies do not grow.
  • Try to keep common respiratory infections away. Avoid crowded places and consider washing your hands at regular intervals, especially after coming out of the loo and before taking meals.
  • Make use of humidifiers in case of dry air condition in your house. Make sure the humidifier is clean and mold-free. Consider cleaning it occasionally.
  • Take care to avoid exposure to pollutants and cigarette smoke. These things can lead to irritation and inflammation of the nasal passages including your lungs.