Best Homeopathic Medicines for Migraine Headache Treatment.

In our everyday life, everything seems to be going well. You are also able to get everything done with your routines. But when a migraine starts affecting you, with headaches regularly, then everything gets wrong with you. It doesn’t allow you to keep up with your everyday life with the comfort being in the way and enjoy the most of your habits. 

Migraine is a strong headache that can cause severe throbbing pain or a pulsing sensation, usually located on the forehead, side head, or in the eyes. There are many causative factors are still unknown for affecting migraine, but still, some factor could be migraine headache like, high stress, hyperacidity, sun heat, sleep disturbances, cigarette, chocolate, hormone, alcohol, caffeine, overdoses of medicine uses  are some common factor.

Now a day’s around 80% of people in India regularly suffering from this common disease. Migraine has long been considered a painful illness that impacts life quality but is not a serious or harmful problem.

The sign and symptoms are varying person to person. Some people feel head ache on one side and some all over the head. Nausea and vomiting is often associated with migraine headache. The person likes to stay in dark place. The light or sun heat increases the pain and that’s why the person desire to stay in a dark place. The pain is throbbing type of pain and some people experiences of dimness of vision during head ache.

   Factors that increase your risk for migraine:

Not everybody who is exposed to migraine triggers has a headache. However, some people are more sensitive to them. Several risk factors can help to predict who is more prone to having migraine headaches. These risk factors include: 

Age factor: Most people have their first migraine during adolescence, but migraines can develop at any age, generally before 40.

Family history: In 90% of migraine patients have a migraine family history. Parents are your strongest risk predictor. If you have a history of migraines from one or both of your parents, then you are at increased risk.

Gender: Mostly affected migraine patients are women due to Puberty.

Symptoms of migraines:

We know that the primary symptom of a migraine is a headache. But other symptoms are i.e., Nausea and vomiting, Sensitivity to light, & noise, feeling warm or cold, feeling tired at any time, depression, mood changes, constipation, fever, loss of appetite, etc.

Is there a cure for migraine in homeopathy

Homeopathy treats the migraine very successfully. Basically, a homeopathy treatment depends upon the sign & symptoms. Taking the totality of symptoms, if treated with the constitutional way of homeopathy treatment then migraine will be cured completely and permanently. Once cured, it is not going to reappear again. The homeopathic treatment is very safe and there is no side effect of drugs, free and holistic. It not only cures the migraine headache but also improves the other health condition to make the person healthy & happy as a whole. There are many homeopathy medicines that are generally used for migraine headaches.But it is not advisable to take any homeopathy medicines without the supervision of any qualified homeopathy doctors.

     Best medicine for migraines:

Glonoinum: Medicine for Migraine from sunstroke, migraine with acidity and sour vomiting burning of whole alimentary canal.

Lachesis: Medicine for Migraine from left sided worse during and after sleep, and before menstruation, periodical sick headache.

Scutellaria: Medicine for Nervour sick headache, caused by excitement and over exertion, frequent scanty urination.

Chionanthus: Medicine for Migraine due to acidity and sluggishness of liver

Coffea: headache due to loss of sleep

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