Homeopathic Medicines for ADENOIDS treatment

What is adenoid?

what is adenoid

Adenoids are the mass of pair soft tissues present in the back of nasal cavity which can also be known as pharyngeal tonsils. Adenoids are part of lymphoid system and made of same types of lymphoid tissues. Everybody has adenoids at birth and in childhood, but gradually it shrinks with aging and by adulthood maximum people’s adenoids have disappeared.

Structure and function of adenoids

structure and function of adenoids

Adenoids glands are the pair of patch tissues present behind the uvula on upper part of naso-pharynx. The upper surface of adenoids has a thin layer of ciliated epithelial cells covered by a thin film of mucus. The cilia are the microscopic hair like projection from epithelial cells those moves constantly in wave like manner to propel the mucus secreted from the mucus layer downward to pharynx. The adenoids have the protective action against the infection. When you breathe you take lots of bacteria virus, various dusts and foreign bodies with the air. Those are trapped in the epithelial mucus membrane of adenoids and the cilia present in the epithelial tissues throw out them towards the pharynx to swallow

Clinical significance of adenoid

In child hood every one’s immune e system is week in comparison to a adult person. So there are maximum chances of getting sick. As the age increases the immune system get more Adenoids have protective role for the body. Those two masses present at back of the nasal cavity. They consist of lymphoid tissues like all lymph nodes. Those two adenoids help to clean the bacteria and other foreign substances that do enter inside our body by the air we breathe in. So it protects our body from the outside enemies. By repeated exposure to the foreign substances they gradually get enlarged.

Symptoms of enlarged adenoids
  • A hypertrophied or enlarged adenoid used to block the airflow pass through the nasal passage.
  • Blocking of nose or stuffy nose
  • Talking as if the nostrils are pinched
  • Noisy breathing
  • Ear problem like frequent middle ear infection and pain in ear
  • Problem in sleeping like suddenly wake up from sleep (obstructive sleep apnea)
  • Frequent attack of sinusitis
  • Snoring.
  • Sore throat or difficulties in swallowing
  • Difficulties in breathing through nose
  • Sleeps with opened mouth.
  • Swollen of glands in neck.
Cause for enlarged adenoids and the scope of homeopathy treatment 

Cause for enlarged adenoids and the scope of homeopathy treatment

Adenoids are located at the back of the nasal cavity. They protect the body from the infection to spread down ward to lungs. They are present at birth and grow until the child is between the ages of 3 and 5. Then they usually begin to shrink after around age 7. At the time of infection the adenoids get enlarged and automatically come to its normal size when the infection is gone. But in some cases it persists in enlarged condition years together. It is caused by the allergic condition. Hence if a child has chronic adenitis then it is sure that it is due to the allergic caused. But why all are not getting chronic adenitis in an area but only some are getting affected. It is because the child having enlarged adenoids has a very hypersensitive immune system that reacts vigorously to many allergens or antigens. Others are not suffering because their immune system is not so much susceptible to those allergen.

The symptoms are just the manifestation of enlarged condition of adenoids. So to clear out the symptoms of adenitis for a temporarily period of time by any medicines or to cut down the enlarged adenoids is not the real solution of this disease. Those adenoids are in fact helping our body by protecting the outward infection. So without removing them if some treatment is given to check the repeated infection that can rather helpful. Here the repeated infection of adenoids is occurring due to the hyposensitized immune system of the child. So it is highly required to start a treatment to minimize the hypersensitivity of the immune system to work healthily so that the child will not get frequent attack of adenitis and in the course of time when there will be no further infection automatically the adenoids would be shrink. Homeopathy treatment target to cure the hypersensitivity of the immune system , so that after a course of homeopathy treatment the child will not get frequent attack of adenitis. This type of treatment is called constitutional homeopathy treatment. In constitutional homeopathy treatment there is needed to take detail case history of the patient in homeopathic way and on that basis the medicines are selected. Besides that for acute crises there are good homeopathic medicines that are sufficient enough to control the acute symptoms in a very short period of time.

Best 6 homeopathy medicines for adenoids :-

Baryta Carb :- Baryta Carb is one of the most effective Homeopathic medicines for enlarged adenoids.it works wonder in adenoids cases where the child is very prone to catch cold easily. Every exposure to cold causes adenoids to enlarge. Including adenoids the tonsils, too, may also be enlarged in such cases. Throat pains, difficulties in swallowing, blocked nose, breathing by opening mouth with dryness of mouth are well marked. The child is mentally as well as physically week. A child has a tendency of increased sweat from feet that offensive nature.

Agraphis nutans:- Agraphis is one of the key remedy for adenoids first time introduced by Dr.Cooper. The characteristic symptom of nasal obstruction, especially from enlarged adenoids and throat deafness I have frequently seen relieved by this remedy. The action of this remedy is felt towards the root of nose. it is one of the leading remedies in case of adenoids. the child is very susceptible to catch cold. Every cold affects the adenoids and tonsils causes obstruction of nose.

Bacillinum:- It is the nosode usually given as inter current remedy on basis of totality symptoms. The key symptom is the person frequently catch cold and that affect the adenoids and tonsils. He is very susceptible to cold. The child has good appetite and eats well but very lean and thin body constituion. Family history of bronchial asthma or allergic rhinitis or tuberculosis may be present. There is very frequently changing of symptoms. There is a tendency of chronic headache that origin by study or slight mental exertion.

Calcarea carb:- Calcarea Carb is the most effective Homeopathic medicines for enlarged adenoids. The child is fatty, obese, tendency to put weight. There is a tendency to sweat more on slight physical exertion, especially from the head portion. Desire for open air, cannot tolerate warm atmosphere, and sweat profusely, but exposure to cold air make him to suffer cold and cough with blocking nose and adenoids. Difficult and delayed dentition with the characteristic head sweats.

Natrum Mur:- It is mainly prescribesd for those child who are lean and thin, emaciated with enlarged adenoids. Those children are generally prone to get frequent upper respiratory infection with marked sneezing, fluent, thin watery nasal discharges. The child has good appetite but still not gaining weight in proportional to his diet. Child has a tendency of headache if expose to sun or by continuous reading. The natrum mur child is cranky and stubborn nature.

Opium:- It is mainly prescribes for those child who are lean and thin, emaciated with enlarged adenoids Its key symptom is snoring. When the child sleep due to blockage of nose there is intense snoring.. This is attended with rattling and Sertorius breathing. The child may also have brief pauses in breathing during sleep. The other symptoms are of excessive drowsiness and sleep during the day.

Healthy tips for enlarged adenoids

Healthy tips for enlarged adenoids

  • The most effective remedy for enlarged adenoids is gargling warm saline water. Warm water has a soothing effect on the sore throat, the salt help to relieve pain.
  • For children with adenitis give them as much hot fluid (and soups etc) as possible. These beverages will not only provide them with appropriate nutrition but will also provide relief from pain
  • Drinking warm water with a bit of honey and lemon juice will work fine as well.
  • Steam inhalation is also beneficial with enlarged adenoids that helps to relieve the blocked nose caused by swollen adenoid, which commonly leads to snoring or noisy breathing.
  • Turmeric is very helpful for enlarged adenoids. take a glass of warm milk and add a little black pepper and turmeric powder in it and Give this to your child at bed time.
  • Take 10 leaves of basil and add them to one and a half cup of water and boil it for 15 minutes and give it to your child two times daily. It is very helpful for allergic cold, cough, tonsillitis and adenoids
  • Encourage your child to drink lots of fluids in chronic tonsillitis and adenoids because a good hydration level is needed for the immune system to work properly. It is suggested to give 8 glasses of water every day and in addition to water, you can also give other beverages such as fresh fruit juice, clear soups, herbal teas and warm broth.