Homeopathic Medicines for Irritable Bowel Syndrome| IBS Treatment


  • Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) has a cure in homeopathic treatment
  • It controls the pain and flatulency in a short duration of treatment
  • The sudden urging for bowel motion is controlled completely after a week of treatment
  • The frequency of bowel motion gradually reduces to one or two times during the course of treatment.
  • Homeopathic treatment gives a long standing cure to the IBS
  • It is most safe and no drug side effects

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), the word itself signifies irritable bowel. So the groups of symptoms arises due to irritable bowel is called irritable bowel syndrome. Here the question arises why the bowel becomes irritable and why? The walls of the bowel i.e the intestinal tract are lined by layers of muscles that contracts and expands in a coordinated rhythmical manner to move the foods from the stomach to the rectum. If you have Irritable bowel syndrome it contracts more stronger and lasts longer than normal so the person will have a sudden urging for stool. Due to stronger and longer contraction the foods is forced through the intestinal tract quickly that causes gas formation, bloating and loose motion. Sometimes the exact opposite condition occurs like longer period of relaxation no contraction in intestines so the digested food stuffs are not moved forward that result constipation problem. So the person suffering from IBS experience either sudden urging for stool or constipation problem or loose motion alternate with constipation. In some cases it is found of developing IBS after an intestinal infection. It is called post infectious IBS. There are many triggers factor of IBS which affect the nerves that control sensation or muscle contraction of the intestine.

Triggers for IBS

Foods - The sign and symptoms of IBS are seen worsen after taking some sort of foods. It is not occurred with every persons suffering with IBS but in many cases. So it is advised to avoid those foods. The foods that triggers the IBS are refined breads, refined foods such as chips, cookies, all sort of junk foods, caffeine, carbonated drinks, alcohol, high protein diets, sometimes milk and dairy products. But some researchers believes that rather food being a trigger, the actual process of eating may be the trigger because chewing stimulates the colon.
Stress - Stress, anxiety, problems at work, problems at home, and financial problems can have a direct effect on IBS. The sign and symptoms of IBS can be aggravated by constant staying in a stressful situation. But while stress may aggravate symptoms, it doesn’t cause them.
Drugs - Some drugs may trigger the symptoms of IBS. Prolonged use of antibiotic, anti depressant drugs, cough syrups containing sorbitols.

Symptoms of IBS

  • Abdominal pain and cramping - the abdominal pain and discomfort occur few days in a month and the pain is relieved after the bowel clearance.
  • A bloated feeling - feeling of heaviness in abdomen
  • Gas ( flatulence) - there is more gas formation and flatulency
  • Diarrhea and constipation - sometimes loose motion and sometimes constipation tendency. There is also bout of diarrhea and constipation alternate
  • Sudden urging for stool - there is sudden urging for stool no control over it. Sometimes stools are mucoid like
  • Fatigue and weakness  

Role of homeopathy in IBS

Constitutional homeopathy treatment is based on totality of symptoms of the patients. Totality of symptoms means the symptoms which are not only collected from the disease aspect but from other aspect like mental symptoms, physical symptoms, desires, aversion all the symptoms from which a homeopath can study the patient as a whole. The medicine selected on totality of symptoms is the constitutional remedy for that patient. That will help to cure the disease for a longer period of time and will make the person healthy as a whole. This type of homeopathy treatment is called the classical or constitutional treatment. In all chronic health disorders including IBS the classical homeopathy treatment help to cure the condition at the root level. But simultaneously it is also highly required to manage the clinical symptoms instantly to give relieve to the patients. There are many homeopathy remedies those have affinity to some specific organs or part of the body. So those remedies can treat the clinical sign and symptoms beautifully within a short time period. This is called clinical homeopathy. In any chronic disease both constitutional and clinical mode of homeopathy treatment gives a better result than other. In IBS there are many remedies which can cover the symptoms very well. The urgency of bowel motion, constipation, frequency of bowel motion, pain bloating sensation in stomach and irregular of bowel movement can be well controlled with our homeopathic treatment. It not only manages the existing symptoms but cures the condition as well.

homeopathy treatment for irritable bowel syndrome


Besides treatment it is also highly required to take acre about your diet. Do not take those foods which you feel aggravates your condition. Daily physical activities and morning walk is highly beneficial to maintain a healthy life. Avoid all sorts of junk foods and processed foods and add more natural fruits and vegetables rich with fibers to your daily diet menu. Avoid taking all types a carbonated drinks, alcohol.

If you want to cure this problem and to lead a healthy life please start your treatment ASAP.